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TV Grundig Amira 26


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Geräteart : Fernsehgerät
Hersteller : Grundig
Gerätetyp : Amira 26
Chassis : LW 68-7510 TOP
Messgeräte : Multimeter


I have approximately 3 years old LCD TV Grundig Amira. A while ago it started that it looses picture after 20minutes of operation. Thin horizontal stripes are visible, then slowly the whole screen freezes and turns black.

Problem looks like this:

Interior of the TV looks ok. I put the tv outside on the cold, and it was working without problems for 4 hours. At the room tepmerature it goes bad after 20minutes again.

There are two chips that get quite hot during operation - PIXELWORKS PW1231 AL - DEINTERLACER and PIXELWORKS PW181A -10VL - IMAGE SCALER. But even if i was cooling them down with a fan, the problem didn't cure itself.

I measured also the voltages from the power supply - there are two sets of cables one with 10pins and one with 7. Voltages are 0,027V, 0,043V, 12,15v and 23,40V, so this looks ok.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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I have obtained service manual for my TV - main board Beko L6B and LC screen LG Philips LC260W01.

I found out, that there should be voltage of 3.3V on one exit pin of the transformer when tv is working. I get a reading of 3.78V!
Also one pin on connection of power to screen backlight inverter should be max 3.3V, but it is more.

So i guess I have a voltage problem. That could also explain overheating.

The power supply module is GDP-002 94V-0, but I cannot find any datasheet for it. Anyone has anything about this?




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